Job Fest is brought to you through funding provided by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the Canada-New Brunswick Labour Market Agreements
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Job Fest is a career planning activity that provides grade 11 students with information to help them to successfully apply their education, interests and skills to opportunities in the workforce. Practical workshops, resources and networking opportunities set a stage where students can think about, explore and prepare for their careers. 

Job Fest was originally established in 1993 between Irving Pulp and Paper, J.D. Irving Limited and Hampton High School.  The benefits of the first Job Fest served as the catalyst for expanding to include all District 6 Schools (Kings County), and eventually schools in District 8 (Saint John).  In 2002, the Department of Training and Employment Development (now Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour), became a sponsor, allowing the event to grow once again and provided for the participation of an even greater number of students, including students from School District 10 (Charlotte County).

Most recently, Job Fest has transformed from a one day physical event to a two day online virtual event with opportunities to use the resource for up to a month afterwards! This virtual model also allows for more students to participate.  The traditional Job Fest model could accommodate 400 students whereas this new model can serve 2,500+ grade 11 students across the Anglophone School District-South and can be easily expanded to include other school districts and members of the public.

Student benefits:

More students across the region can participate in the event.

Easier for students from rural schools to participate.

The resource is available for 30 days!

Introduction to the technologies that many employers are using.

Opportunities to talk to employers and recruiters one-on-one.

Download free career planning and job search resources.

Opportunity to practice your interview skills and receive professional

Updated resources and new strategies on job search and career planning.

Parent benefits:

Parents can visit Job Fest using the access code assigned to their child.

Access to a huge variety of resources to help parents act as career

Opportunities to ask professionals about post secondary training,
scholarships and employment.

Exhibitor (Company) benefits:

Free marketing and meaningful public relations for a large audience.

Less resource time required to participate as staff can login from their
                      place of business.

Great networking and professional development opportunity for staff.

Opportunity to positively impact youth who are planning for their future.

It's fun!  Exhibitors enjoy the opportunity of interacting with youth and
mentoring them.

Educator benefits:

An opportunity to help student to see the multitude of career opportunities

Help students to see the importance of education and how it relates to their

Helps students prepare for exit interviews with guidance counsellors

Supports other School-to-Work resources available in the Anglophone
School District-South (Work Rooms, PACE, career fairs, PDCP, COOP,
NBTAP, teacher/guidance initiatives).

A professional development opportunity for educators (many of whom are
parents themselves).

Job Fest 2013 does not rely solely on technology to connect with students as it will provide a favorite activity amoung students - mock interviews. Students will be selected based on the quality of their resumes for the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with a professional from the business community/government. These will be conducted in-person in the schools of the selected candidates.

So, Job Fest is a blend of new resources and strategies for the emerging new economy as well as a medium to provide an opportunity for students to converse with the business community and receive valuable skills in the process!

What is Job Fest?
Begin your journey by following these 3 easy steps;

1. Read this introduction page to get an understanding as to what Job Fest is all about and how it can benefit you.

2. Make a selection from the navigation bar above or icon on the left hand side of your screen based on the option that best fits you. This will redirect you to a page in this website that will give you instructions on how to participate in Job Fest and explore all of the features.

3. When you have familiarized yourself with how the event works, you can select the "Event Portal" tab from April 3rd, until April 30th, 2013.

If you have questions about Job Fest, please feel free to contact us.
Getting started
Three Quick and Easy Steps
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can attend Job Fest?
  Invited companies, grade 11
   students, parents and
   teachers from the
   Anglophone South School

2. What do I have to do to
   Select the option that best
   matches you from the
   navigation menu above
   (students, teachers, and
   exhibitors ).  You will be taken
   to a webpage that will provide
   you with instructions on how
   you can participate in Job

3.  Who runs this program?
     This project is funded by the
    Department of Post
    Secondary Education,
    Training and Labour in
    partnership with the
    Anglophone South School
    District to educate  students
    on career planning and job

4. Is there a cost to
    No, it's absolutely free of
    charge for exhibitors and

5. What the difference
    between the LIVE event on
    April 3rd&4th and the
    ARCHIVE part of the event
    April 5th- 30th?

   April 3rd and 4th will have
   company representatives
   located in the virtual booths
   to answer your career
   questions via a live chat
   forum.  After April 4th, all of
   the event features will be
   available to view/download,
   but there will be no live chat
   form with exhibitors.

Still have questions?
Who is going to be participating in Job Fest?
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